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    Sim unlock codes for Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE mobile cell phone

Community support forum
How do you unlock Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE cell phone online only with unlock code? We guarantee cheap and fast unlocking codes for all Smasung cellular phones and all mobile service providers in the world.
Want to get your Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE unlocked ASAP? We guarantee to provide the best possible service or your money back.
New unlock product in stock

Price: $33.33
Shipping: Free delivery by email
Extra locks:

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Supported Phones

Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE locked to any service provider in the world


Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE remote unlocking by code is performed by generating a sim unlock code or unlock pin specific for your Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE cell phone that removes sim card lock restrictions imposed by your service provider. No phone disassembling or technical knowledge is required. We provide detailed instructions how to enter the unlock code and freeze code in your handset.

Service Details and Requirements

  • Type of unlock: Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE remote unlock by code (type of mobile phone unlocking where your phone doesn't have to be shipped anywhere and you do not have to run any unlocking software on your computer)
  • Turnaround: 10 minutes to 24 hours
  • Ease of Use: Very easy
  • Internet Required: No
  • Guarantee: Yes, or your money back. No cancellations are allowed while code is pending

How unlock by code works

  1. To generate the unlock code we need your phone's 15-digit IMEI number. You can get it by entering *#06# into your cell phone using phone's keypad
  2. To verify if you have any extra locks enabled enter *#7465625# using phone's keypad. In most cases there will only be NCK (Network) lock enabled. SP (Service Provider) locks are found mostly in American cell phones. Phones locked to Fido, Telus Canada usually have this type of lock and therefore require you to enter SP code in order to be fully unlocked.
    If your Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE cell is hardlocked meaning that too many unsuccessfull unlock tries were made you need freeze code (it can also be called unfreeze code). In this case when a non original sim card is inserted your phone will give error message "Phone freeze, return for service" or similar message.
    If your phone has any additional locks you have to purchase them by making a selelction from the dropdown list.

    Note, that all extra locks have to be selected at the time of initial purchase
  3. Unlock code will be sent by email along with unlocking instructions

Advantages of unlocking your cell phone

  1. Unlocking allows to use your Samsung i9220 GALAXY NOTE mobile phone with any carrier on any compatible network giving you extra flexibilty when travelling
  2. Unlocked cellphone can be used with international sim cards
  3. Unlocking increases the resale value of your cell phone as it's not bound to a particular carrier any more
  4. Unlocking is absolutely legal and safe for your phone and doesn't void its warranty
  5. Online code generator is easy to use, most unlock codes are generated in real time


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