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2. Sony Ericsson Remote Unlock By Cable
3. Sony Ericsson Multiserver Cable Set
4. Remote Unlock By Cable Sony Ericsson W600i
5. Att At&T Remote Unlock By Code Via Imei
6. Motorola Unlock By Code Via Imei
7. Blackberry 8100 Pearl Remote Unlock By Code - Any Network
8. Nokia 6310 6310i 6340 6385 Unlock Cable For Ufs N-Box Jaf Box

    Frequently Asked Questions: Payment issues

My credit card payment was declined due to incorrect billing address. What do I do?

If your Credit card payment gets rejected with message "AVS mismatch" or "The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder" this is due to the fact that your billing address in your profile does not exactly match your billing address that your credit card company or your bank has on file.

Make sure that your street address and your zip code match what your creditor has on records for you.
You may wish to call your creditor to see how your address appears in their records. This is especially the case if you do not have a U.S. address, as your postal code may be in an unexpected format with your creditor.

Another common cause of AVS mismatch is if you recently changed your address with your creditor but forgot to update your information in your profile. You will want to make sure to update any time that your address or credit card information changes, to ensure that your billing information is correct and up to date.

I received an "AVS mismatch" error while trying to checkout. I know for sure that I provided correct address because I used this card with many internet stores before

Unfortunately the fact that you previously made successful purchases on the internet using the same card and the same address does not prove that your bank has the correct billing address on their records. That is why we recommend to CALL your bank. If you for some reason can not change your billing address with your bank/credit card company you can ask them to add the address you are planning to use on as an alternative one.
Your bank's phone number can be usually found on the back of your card.

What if I checked everything and called my bank to verify the billing address but still experiencing the same problem at checkout?

We are constantly improving and trying to make our store's checkout process as easy and streamlined as possible. We understand how frustrating it can be not being able to pay for your order.
If you keep getting the same AVS error the following list of checkpoints might be of help to you.
  1. If you are using a company or corporate credit card in some cases billing address of such card is different from that on your statement. Consider using another card.
  2. If PO Box is part of your address modify the billing address in your profile so that the numeric value comes first. This is due to your bank not being able correctly process the AVS value.
  3. Consider using another credit card or another payment method. We accept Paypal where you can also securely pay by a credit card and Paypal Mass Pay. If you live in a country where Paypal is not available you can pay by Western Union, Moneygram, Bank Transfer (Wire transfer) or direct bank deposit. See the following link for other payment methods we accept.

What is Mass Pay or Mass Payment and how do I use this payment method?

Mass Payment allows anyone with a Premier or Business Paypal account to send multiple payments instantly—saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every payment recipient. One of the benefits of Mass Pay is a low fee of no more than $1.00 USD (or its equivalent in the payment currency).

See this tutorial on how to send a Mass Pay payment.

My order failed due to some problems with my credit card but I was still charged.

If your order status reads "Failed" your credit card will not be charged. Temporary authorization that you might see on your online statement will be removed within a few days.

My order was declined but my credit card was still charged.

If your order status reads "Declined" your credit card will not be charged. All charges associated with this order will be fully refunded within a few days.

If you experience some other problem, please contact us.
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