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New Samsung cables for HWK UFS, Nspro box, UST pro box
Sunday, July 25, 2010
Service cables for the following Samsung models are now in stock: Micro USB - RJ45 cable (Samsung T939, A696, A797, A897, B7620 Giorgio Armani, Blue Earth, etc) The cable fits the following Samsung mobile phones: Samsung GT A697 Sunburst, A797 Flight, A897 Mythic GT B3410 Chat, B5722, B7320, B7330, B7610 Omnia Pro, B7620 Giorgio Armani, Blue Earth GT C3200 Monte Bar, C5510, C6112 GT E2370,... MORE 

Major price reduction for all Furious products
Thursday, June 24, 2010
We have reduced prices for all Furious service equipment: Buy Furious Blackberry unlock dongle Buy Furious box fully activated Buy Furious box lite MORE 

Unlock and Debranding service for hard-locked Blackberry with no MEP code attempts left
Saturday, June 19, 2010
As all of you know, and most impatient ones even experienced it, Blackberry gives 10 attempts to enter the MEP code. After 10 attempts are exhausted the phone starts displaying message MEP code (0 left). Up until recent days there was no cure for this, the phone would stay permanently locked to the network even if correct code is obtained later. Such Blackberry phones can be unlocked. You can finally... MORE 

Unlocking services for Samsung mobile phones from Softbank Japan
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Due to the increased demand for Samsung/Softbank unlocking we added mail in unlocking and flashing services for Samsung phones from Softbank. Supported models are: Samsung Softbank 708SC Samsung Softbank 709SC Samsung Softbank 730SC Samsung Softbank 731SC Samsung Softbank 740SC Samsung Softbank 805SC Samsung Softbank 821SC Samsung Softbank 830SC Samsung Softbank 920SC Samsung Softbank... MORE 

Full line of Furious products for Blackberry unlocking.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Do you want to make money selling unlock codes on ebay? Do you own a cell phone store and would like to instantly unlock Blackberry phones without even having the phone on hands? Do you want to be able to flash, debrand, change imei and pin on Blackberry phones? We are happy to present a new tool for unlimited Blackberry unlocking that includes Blackberry unlock code calculator. FuriousGold... MORE 

The world famous unlock tool for new Blackberry from Furious team
Friday, January 15, 2010
FuriousGold FREE update unlocking all Blackberry New security 2010 To start a good year we would like to present you the FuriousGold Blackberry Tool v1.0.0.887 Deluxe version with UNIQUE features. UNLOCK ALL NEW SECURITY (INCLUDING 2010) 1st in WORLD 207 MEPS SUPPORT (Furious Team Engine) ADDED MSL READ IN SLOW MODE ADDED BLACKBERRY 9500/9530 MODEL SLOW MODE ADDED ENGINEERING MENU... MORE 

Update activation for Nspro software (required after 1 year)
Sunday, January 3, 2010
It has been wonderful few years for Nspro users while all Nspro updates were free. Recently NS team stopped this practice following in the path of other teams, developers of phone service equipment, when users have to pay a certain "usage fee". NS team calls it update activation which is required to run NSpro software later then ver 5.5.0. The following error will appear if software license is over:... MORE 

New upadates for DC-Unlocker software: new models supported, credit prices reduced
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
DC unlocker is a program specialized for data card unlocking.DC unlocker software has been updated. Ver 1.00.0369 offers unlock support for the following new modems: ZTE MF633 Huawei E1553 MYWAVE Momo Design MD-@ Revo Option iCON 210 (GI0210) Longcheer WM66 Sierra Wireless MC8790 Ver 1.00.0376 offers unlock support for the following data cards and modems: Huawei E5830 Huawei E583x... MORE 

New Samsung service cables ( USB + RJ45 ) for Z3x box, UST Pro
Saturday, November 7, 2009
Service cables for the following Samsung Softbank models are now in stock: Samsung Softbank 707SC, 707SCII, 708SC, 709SC, 805SC unlock cable Samsung Softbank 730SC, 731SC, 805SC, 930SC, 931SC unlock cable Samsung Softbank 820SC, 821SC, 920SC, 921SC unlock cable Cables have dual USB/RJ45 interface for more stable work and are compatible with Z3x box and UST pro 2. MORE 

Omnia repair tool for Samsung i900 i910 i8510 Innov8
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Repair your Samsung Omnia and INNOV 8 mobile phones with this Omnia repair tool for PXA312 if it has one of the following problems: Completely dead Only Red (led) Power on button lighting but phone does not power on Detected as MONOHANS device on PC Hang on OMNIA Logo, INNOV 8 Logo Hang on Windows Mobile logo Not able to activate phone from wireless manager Continuously restarting MORE 

Sony Ericsson service cables for SE tool
Thursday, May 7, 2009
A range of service cables for SE tool has been added. LG A2 platform unlock cable Fully compatible with MORE 

Samsung Omnia JTAG adapter for NS PRO
Thursday, April 23, 2009
New, long awaited JTAG adapter for Samsung i900 Omnia compatible with NSpro NS JTAG is now in stock. Samsung Omnia JTAG adapter for NS PRO MORE 

New Nokia unlocking/flashing cables in stock
Saturday, March 7, 2009
We have new service cables for Nokia, incl. Nokia BB5 BB5 Tiger cable set BB5 Tiger Cable can be used with tools like JAF, HWK to achieve a good local / test mode very easily. This allows you to service Nokia phones without struggling to achieve local mode like one does with regular FBUS connectors. FBUS cable set with dual interface for MT box and JAF box 27 pcs cable set for BB5 Nokia mobile... MORE 

Unlock equipment for new Blackberry phones, LG, Panasonic, other
Sunday, January 18, 2009
Furious Gold box is the newest first in the world hardware solution supporting new Blackberry mobile phones: Blackberry 8300 Blackberry 8310 Blackberry 8320 Blackberry 8900 Blackberry 8100 Blackberry 8120 Blackberry 9000 Blackberry 9500 Blackberry 9530 and all earlier models Furious Gold supports more than 600 mobile phones and comes with 60+ cables for all supported cell phones. MORE 

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Z3x SAMSUNG PRO. Unlock & FRP Google reactivation lock reset Galaxy Core Lite, J1 mini Prime, J2, J7, J3, A8
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Sigma box update. Added unlock, IMEI repair for ZTE Open C, Open 2, Z730 Concord II, Acer Liquid Z500
BST dongle update: unlocking & flashing support for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910 & variants
Factory unlock via software for Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 2, 3, Ace 3, Core Plus, N900T, G900T
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Driver installation video for Octopus box

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