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    Adapter binding settings

Adapter binding settings


When your computer has more that one network adapter such as Wifi and Ethernet Windows will use priorities to decide which adapter to use. The goal when unlocking your modem is to give lower priority to the mobile device you are unlocking so that Windows doesn't try to use it for internet connection.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 you can use "Adapter and Binding" tab to rearrange priorities.
  1. Go to Control panel and click on Network and Internet

  2. Select Network and Sharing Center

  3. Click on Change adapter binding settings on the left

  4. Click on Advanced Settings

    NOTE: If advanced menu is not visible, it can be enabled via the Organize option

  5. Under connections select connection of the device you are trying to unlock and move it to the bottom of the list. Ok to save changes.

  6. Reconnect device to PC for new settings to be applied.

In Windows 10 "Adapter and Binding" tab was removed. Below are the guides how to change network adapter priorities using Control Panel and Windows Power shell. By default Windows uses interface metric to network adapter with highest priority. Adapter with lower metric number are priorities over the those with high number.


How to change Network adapter priorities using Control Panel

  1. Open Settings. Go to Network and Internet -> Status -> Change Adapter Options

  2. Right-click the network adapter that corresponds to the modem/router you are unlocking, and select Properties

  3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and go to Properties

  4. In the "General" tab, click the Advanced button

  5. In the "Interface metric" field assign the priority value to the adapter.
    You need to assign a lower priority (higher Interface Metric number) to your modem/router.

  6. Click OK -> OK to apply the settings


How to change Network adapter priorities using PowerShell

  1. Click on "Start" and Open Windows Power Shell (Admin). Type Get-NetIPInterface and press "Enter"
  2. Look for the network adapter that you are trying to unlock and note its ifIndex and InterfaceMetric numbers. You need to assign a lower priority (higher InterfaceMetric number) to your modem/router.

  3. Type the following command
    Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 21 -InterfaceMetric 10
    In the command, make sure to change the -InterfaceIndex value to reflect the network adapter you want to prioritize and change the -InterfaceMetric value to assign a priority.
    Remember that a higher metric number means lower priority.
  4. Type Get-NetIPInterface and press "Enter" to verify that the settings were applied.

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