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RS232 interface for vehicles with 12pin OBD1 connector New unlock product in stock

Weight:1.20 lbs
Price: US$69.00
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aldl obdi obd1 vehicle interface cable

Package includes:
Serial Connection Cable RS232
OBD2 (OBDII) Connection Cable
MB Connection Cable 38 pin
MB Analogue Banana Cable 3 pin
Read, Erase fault codes
Read ECU and Repair information

Uniscan interface OBDII (OBD-II) Connection Cable 16 pin BMW Connection Cable 20 pin Mercedes Benz Connection Cable 38 pin Serial cable with 2 RS232 connectors VAG 2x2 Adapter LED indication for K and L line


Supported vehicles

ALL US made vehicles with OBDI computers from approx. 1986 to 1995 are using either OBDI conector or a newer style OBDII connector.

"Older Style" OBDI Connector - 12 Pin, Rectangular Shaped, used on the following vehicles: Up to 1994 F-body, Up to 1993 Y-body, Up to 1995 B-body, all SyTys, most other pre-1996 GM Vehicles

"Newer Style" OBDII Connector - 16 Pin, "D"-Shaped, used on the following vehicles: 1995+ F-bodies, 1994+ Y-bodies, and all 1996+ GM Vehicles

Diagnostic Software

There are a number of excellent software packages available, with some of them being free and others giving you a trial period of fully functional use.

FreeScan is a free software that supports the following vehicles

Lotus Esprit - All 4 cylinder models with GM Fuel-Injection

Lotus Elan M100 - Untested

Opel/Lotus Omega/Carlton 1990
  • 3.6L Bi-Turbo

GM 1992-93 Camaro
  • 5.7L MFI LT1 1992 IY CAR
  • 5.7L MFI LT1 1993 IY 1,2F

GM 1994 Camaro - Impala SS - Corvette
  • 5.7L SFI LT1 1994 1,2F
  • 5.7L SFI LT1 1995 1,2F

GM Pontiac 3.2 (also 1991 Z-34 Lumina, 3.4L DOHC, W-Body)
  • 3.4L PFI LQ1 1991 W Car
  • 3.4L PFI LQ1 1992 W Car
  • 3.4L PFI LQ1 1993 W Car
  • 3.1L PFI LH0 1993 1W,2W,3W,4W Car
  • 3.1L PFI LH0 1994 1W Car

GM 1989 Chevrolet Corvette

  • 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 91 W,A,J,L - CAR
  • 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 92 1,2,3,4W, 1,2J, 1,7L
  • 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 93 1J,L,2J,1,2,3W
  • 3.1L PFI (LH0) (VIN=T) 94 1,2J

  • 3300 MFI (LG7) (VIN=N) 91 A,N-CAR
  • 3300 MFI (LG7) (VIN=N) 92 3,4A 2,3,4N cars
  • 3300 MFI (LG7) (VIN=N) 93 3,4A 2,3,4N cars

  • 2.0L, L4, SOHC Turbo Engine (VIN code M)
  • 4.3L TURBO LB4 (VIN = Z) 1991.5 SYCLONE
  • 4.3L TURBO LB4 (VIN = Z) 1992 T-truck
  • 4.3L TURBO LB4 (VIN = Z) 1993 T-truck

Specifically targeted towards the 1994/1995 F/B/Y body LT1 cars, it works very well and provides you with a very easy to read, no frills user interface. There is a data logging upgrade version available for a very good price.

Carsten Meyer's ALDL Monitor
Shareware DOS-based software for ALDL vehicles

ECM852 Serial ALDL Software (direct download link)
This is the DOS-based software for GM TPI and 93 LT1. Won't work with USB adapters, and won't work with WinXP/2000. Works great with older laptops on Win98/MSDOS that don't have USB ports though.

Lotus Elan M100 ALDL diagnostic software 'ElanScan'
Free software written specially for Lotus Elan M100

EV1Dash for Palm OS
Peter Ohler's software for Palm Pilot. EV1Dash is a program for Palm OS devices that will collect data from the EV1 and display it on the Palm OS device display. The intent is to provide more information to the driver so that range and performance can be optimized.

WinALDL - 160 baud ALDL reader
WinALDL is a program that reads the ALDL data from some supported ECM types. The data is presented in a way that will help when tuning a car after engine modifications.
  • Supported Vehicles
    Software and useful information for pontiac

    TunerPro is a free, donate-if-you-like-it tuning platform aimed at making tuning easier and cheaper. TunerPro started life as GMECM Edit, and debuted in early March of 2003. It was created primarily to tune GM vehicles between model years 1985 and 1995. TunerPro has since grown into a very robust tuning tool and is evolving faster than ever. This project started as an "educational" project started with a few simple goals: It should be available for free in its essence, it should be better than whats available in its class, it should remain as simple as possible to use.
    TunerPro supports GM OBDI (pre-96), Ford EECIV and EECV, and late model Subaru (WRX) vehicles.

    Paul Blackmore has written this software with lots of graphics in mind, with multi vehicle compatibility the goal. There is a free version (allows up to one minute of data logging - most dragstrip runs are less than that), and the full version is available for a nominal charge.

    Another ALDL scanning tool

    CarBytes (direct download link)
    Free ALDL scanner

    TTS DataMaster
    TTS DataMaster is an excellent package in the way it's laid out and the data it provides. You can use it 20 times on data recording runs before purchasing a key, and you can view previously recorded data any number of times while on trial, before purchasing a key.

    For each of these packages, the proper version or data file for your car's ECM/PCM must be used when you are doing your data collection. Some of these programs have different data files that must be loaded for your car, others have drop down menus for you to chose your ECM/PCM. Read the documentation for the particular software package you are using. To determine which ECM/PCM your particular car has, this ECM/PCM cross reference page may be of use.

  • ALDL Connectors

    There have been at least four different ALDL connectors used world wide (and probably more exist too).

    6 Pin Australian ALDL connector

    In Australia, the VN and VP models used a 6 pin connector. The diagnostic link, a paper clip (red dotted line), is used to enable "flashing diagnostic mode", and is not described here. The data from this connector is at 160 baud when the diagnostic link is a 10k ohm resistor. You'll find this connector under the glove box on the VN/VP.

    aldl obdi 6-pin connector - diagnostic interface cable

    12 pin US style connector

    Here's a view of the 12 pin US style ALDL connector, and where to connect the above circuit to. The pin numbering scheme is the same as that used on the VN/VP Holden Commodores (but those vehicles used the 6 pin connector shown above). This connector is also found in the Holden JE Camira and the Nissan LE Pulsar.

    aldl obdi 12-pin connector - diagnostic interface cable
    aldl obd-i 12-pin car connector

    16 pin OBD-II style Connector

    Some 1994-95 cars have the 16 pin OBD2 connector (shown below), Corvette's, Camaro's, and LT1 cars among them. Even though it is an OBD2 connector, it has an OBD1 system behind it on these 94-95 cars.
    Later Australian Commodore models (VR, VS, etc.) also use a 16 pin OBD-II style connector, but the pinouts are unique to Australia. This connector is located under the steering wheel.

    aldl obdi 16 pin connector - diagnostic interface cable

    10 pin European (Opel) Connector

    European Opels use a 10 pin connector.

    aldl obdi 10 pin connector - diagnostic interface cable

    More on ALDL Interface

    Quick Paperclip Test

    Since we are looking at the connector pins, it should be mentioned here that a quick method to see which trouble code or codes are being set in your cars ECM is to jumper the A and B pins of the 12 pin ALDL OBD1 connector with a paper clip.
    While the car is off, turn the ignition key forward while this jumper is in place. Do not start the car. The Service Engine Soon (SES) light will flash in a repeating sequence, telling which trouble codes have been set in the ECM. A service manual for your year car will have a chart outlining what each trouble code stands for, or this website can be of help.
    This paper clip method will tell you the trouble code or codes set in your ECM, but it will not tell you what conditions the trouble code is being set under, or let you clear the trouble codes on the fly, as the ALDL cable and PC setup will.

    Forum Links

    Supported vehicles

    obd i 2 interface

    ALL US made vehicles with OBDI computers from approx. 1986 to 1995 are using either OBDI conector or a newer style OBDII connector.
    "Older Style" OBDI Connector - 12 Pin, Rectangular Shaped, used on the following vehicles: Up to 1994 F-body, Up to 1993 Y-body, Up to 1995 B-body, all SyTys, most other pre-1996 GM Vehicles

    "Newer Style" OBDII Connector - 16 Pin, "D"-Shaped, used on the following vehicles: 1995+ F-bodies, 1994+ Y-bodies, and all 1996+ GM Vehicles

    This interface supports OBDI vehicles with "Older Style" connector.
    Pontiac, Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadilac, ISUZU, etc


    • Heavy & robust casing for rough service use
    • Connects to PC via RS232 serial port
    • Dual powered (can take power from RS232 handshake lines or over 12V cigarette lighter connector cable what makes it superior over all other ALDL interfaces (Assembly Line Diagnostic Link) on market
    • LED to control ppower and clock functions
    • Slide switch to change modes of pins A and B
    • Uses reference levels for high/low signals so works on all cars without problems
    • Uses Motorolas MC33199 Transceiver at 5V ALDL levels

      Some older cars (such as early TPI's like GM 1227165 ECM, 1986-89 5.0 and 5.7 V8's) will require a 10Kohm resistor to be plugged in between pins A and B on the 12 pin ALDL connector in order to put the car into "ALDL mode" and have the serial data start flowing. Our Interface have a slide switch which can set pin B to different modi like connect pins A & B directly, by 10K Ohm or keep them completely disconnected.

    Package content

    • ALDL Interface with 12 pin plug
    • 12V cigarette lighter connector to 2,1mm DC plug cable
    • RS232 extension cable for connecting to PC
    • 2 month warranty

    Required software and hardware

    There are basically 3 things you need to record diagnostic data from an On Board Diagnostic 1 ( OBD1 ) system on your 1982 - 1995 era car.
    • ALDL Interface (click on "Support Info" tab for different types of ALDL connectors)
    • A PC computer, preferrable a notebook (in some cases a Palm OS based device), to collect and analize the OBD data
    • A software program running on your PC to capture data (click on "Support Info" tab)


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