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Motorola unlocking service by code
Tuesday, April 10, 2007
It's now possible to unlock any Motorola GSM cell phone from any wireless provider in the world using our Unlock by imei service. Code turnaround is usually within a few hours, 100% guaranteed or your money back. MORE 

New products added - Motorola unlocking tools
Saturday, April 7, 2007
We have added a few new Motorola service tools, Roker Dongle from Legija and Ultima Box Light by Raskal and his team. Both products boast of fast free updates and excellent support. These are professional service tools for cell phone stores and professional unlockers allowing to change language, decustomise, repair phone, unlock, reset user password, PDS repair software damage and error messages,... MORE 

Vpower box and Vygis box update
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Vygis toolbox, one of the best multiplatform service devices supporting LG, Alcatel, Siemens, Sanyo, Maxon, Benq and many other mobile phones, has added more models to the list of supported ones. UTSTARCOM GPRS749 is FREE update for Vpower Box users and for the VygisToolbox users with O2-Benq-Pantech-Aiko activation (O2 reg file) Motorola C168 flasher-unlocker V1.20SC is uploaded to the Motorola... MORE 

NSpro update, added support for Softbank Samsung 705SC, 707SC, 709SC, 706SC, X680N, X830N and other new models
Sunday, March 25, 2007
Exciting news for our Japanese customers who have been asking about JP Samsung models. NSpro has added unlock support for the following Samsung models from Softbank Samsung 705SC Samsung 706SC Samsung 707SC Samsung 709SC Samsung Z620 NSpro is the only unlocking solution for the above models currently Some of the other features added recently by NSteam: Added "Clear Security Area" function... MORE 

Vygis Toolbox Update, added unlock and flash support for LG KG300, KG190, KG200, MG120
Sunday, February 11, 2007
New series of updates for Vygis toolbox and Vpower Box. LG Workshop v1.74SC is uploaded at support site in LG section. Added support for new Sharp flashes with ID : B01D Unlock support for VK200. It's a free update for all Vygis customers LG Workshop v1.73SC is uploaded to the support site's LG section. Added support for LG-KG300 AIKO flasher - unlocker v1.16SC is uploaded at support sites in O2... MORE 

Sony Ericsson DB2020 unlocking is finally here. Unlock using SETool.
Monday, February 5, 2007
It is required to have SETool and original DCU-60 data cable that comes with your SonyEricsson cell phone in order to use the logs. The logs are sold in quantities of 12 and 50. You need 12 logs to unlock one of the Sony Ericsson DB2020 phones below. You need 5 logs to flash Sony Ericsson K320i, P990, M600, M608, W950, W958. Sony Ericsson W710 Sony Ericsson W850, W850i Sony Ericsson M600,... MORE 

Affiliate program update
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Many products were added to the affiliate area. Second tier affiliates' earnings now range from 2% to 5% depending on the sales volume. Our affiliate program is a perfect way for webmasters and cell phone stores to add more products to their lines and make good profit. New promotion has just kicked in. Check it out and join if interested! MORE 

Sony Ericsson multiserver updates : new RED51 and RED49 firware added
Thursday, January 18, 2007
Total Multiserver v. 2.38 DB2020 RED CID51 are now supported! Flashing Added. Now customers can flash, update, change language and do debranding of their DB2020 RED CID51 phones. Many new DB2020 RED51 flash files in the download area. Remember that DB2020 RED51 flash files cannot be flashed into DB2020 RED49 phones at the moment. January 10, 2007 Unlocking and flashing support for... MORE 

Unlock by IMEI number for T-mobile and Cingular-locked phones
Friday, December 1, 2006
We now unlock all phones locked to Cingular and Blackberry locked to T-mobile. Please enter your IMEI number at checkout to speed up the process. MORE 

We can now unlock Pantech cell phones
Friday, November 17, 2006
Remote unlocking by IMEI number and cable is now possible for the following Pantech phones. Pantech C120 Pantech C300 Pantech G310 Pantech G500 Pantech G510 Pantech G600 Pantech G650 Pantech G670 Pantech G700 Pantech G900 Pantech GB100 Pantech GB200 Pantech GB300 Pantech GF100 Pantech GF200 Pantech GI100 Pantech PG1000 Pantech PG1200 Pantech PG1300 Pantech PG1300v Pantech PG1400... MORE 

Remote unlock of HTC phones from O2, Orange, T-mobile, Cingular
Sunday, October 29, 2006
Remote unlock by cable and IMEI is now available for a majority of HTC PDA and SmartPhones. HTC MTeoR Siemens SX66 Amena XDAII Cingular 2125 Cingular 3100 Cingular 3125 Cingular 8125 Cingular 8525 Cingular SMT 5600 Dopod 696 Dopod 696i Dopod 699 Dopod 700 Dopod 818 Dopod 828 Dopod 838 Dopod 838 pro Dopod 900 Dopod CHT 9000 HTC MTeoR I-Mate JAM I-Mate JASJAM I-Mate K-JAM I-Mate... MORE 

Palm Treo 750v remote unlock software
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Highly anticipated unlocking solution for PalmOne Treo 750 has finally been brought to us by the Nextgen Server. All variations of this model are supported: Treo 750v from Vodafone, Treo 750c from Cingular, Treo 750t from T-mobile. This unlocks provider or SIM card lock code. It is remote unlock by cable which means you don't have to send the phone anywhere and can use original USB cable or... MORE 

Support for new Sony Ericsson models: K800, K610, V630, W710, Z610, Z710, K790, W850
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
While we are waiting for unlocking solution for the new Sony Ericsson DB2020 phones Total Multiserver team has added flashing support for these SE models K800, K610, V630, W710, Z610, Z710, K790, W850 Debranding (aka Decustomisation, Decustomizing) Language change Firmware upgrade Disable camera shutter sound/camera focusing sound Reset phone user/lock code Reset phone total call time counter... MORE 

Total Multiserver and Vygistoolbox update
Monday, October 16, 2006
Vygis Toolbox update Vygistoolbox, professional tool for all LG phones has released a series of new updates. Added full support for Siemens Benq A38, including unlock, phone reset, flash reading-writing etc New firmware version M300_1_23SC is uploaded in O2 section of support sites Flashes with Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian languages for Siemens-Benq A38 are... MORE 

New remote unlocking for Motorola iDen, LG, Treo, Blackberry
Saturday, October 7, 2006
We are glad to present you a new update from JIC. Quite a few mobile phones and smart phones have been added to the server. All models below can be unlocked remotely, meaning there is no need to send phones to us. LG remote unlock LG C1300 LG C2000 LG F7250 LG F9100 LG G4010 LG G4011 LG G7020 LG G4020 LG G4050 LG G5500 LG G7000 LG G7030 LG G7050 LG L1100 LG L1400 LG L5100 LG... MORE 

Launch of a new Affiliate program
Saturday, September 2, 2006
Whether you are just looking to start a side-business for extra income, or you are an Internet entrepreneur who has already sold thousands of products online, our affiliate program is the perfect opportunity for you to "get to the next level". By signing up for our affiliate program existing mobile phone businesses that do not have representation on the internet or do not currently offer unlocking... MORE 

Help Section update
Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Help Section was updated and has a new look. We added SonyEricsson tutorial and guide on Remote Unlock and Flashing and Motorola tutorial and guide on Remote Unlock. There is more to come. Please stand by and wait for future site updates. Cellcorner administration MORE 

Remote unlocking/flashing support for New Sony Ericsson
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Another update from Total Multiserver. More Sony Ericsson models are added to the list of unlockable and flashable models. New firmware and language files are uploaded to the support area. Sony Ericsson W300 New AMENA ES (Spain) Version Phones unlocking added! Sony Ericsson K790 : K790i K790a Firmware Flashing Added: Language Change, Upgrade and Debranding available. Sony Ericsson Z530 New... MORE 

Total Multiserver Software update
Friday, August 18, 2006
Another great update from Multiserver team. More Sony Ericsson models are added to the list of unlockable and flashable models. New firmware and language files are uploaded to the support area. Sony Ericsson K510 series (K510a, K510i, K510c) Flashing Added including Firmware Upgrade, Language Change and Operator Debrading! Sony Ericsson K510 series (K510a, K510i, K510c) Unlocking Direct by Cable... MORE 

New products added : data cables, phone service tools
Saturday, August 12, 2006
07.29.06 Serial unlock cable for Samsung V804SS, Z150, Z520, Z540, P910, p920 07.29.06 PS/2 extension cable for Samsung V804SS, Z150, Z520, Z540, P910, p920 (for 17 in 1 Samsung cable set) 07.29.06 PS/2 extension cable for Siemens AL21 A31 AF51 S68 (for 6 in 1 Siemens cable set) 07.29.06 PS/2 extension cable for LG phones KG800 KG320 KG90 (for 6 in 1 LG cable set) 07.29.06 RJ48 cable for... MORE 

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Medusa Pro II programmer v.2.2.4.
DCSD Engineering Cables for NAND modification on Apple products
Furious gold - QCOM SMART TOOL - Update
Limited stock of Z3X Easy JTAG is available in July 2021
Pandora box from Z3X team - new multiplatform service tool
Kingunlock software update 5. Added direct unlock for Android 11 Samsung with new security.
Kingunlock software 4.5.2 update. Unlock SM-A205U bit 8, SM-A115U bit 3, SM-G965U bit 9, etc
Kingunlock 4.5 update. Added direct unlock for LG LM-K300MM, LM-K500AM, LM-K500MM, LM-Q730AM, LM-Q730MM
Aqua dongle big Multilanguage update Oppo, Sony, LG, Lenovo, HTC
How to unlock your phone for free?
Software update v2.29.19 for Sigma box and Sigma key
Software update v2.29.18 for Sigma box and Sigma key
Software update v2.29.17 for Sigma box and Sigma key
Direct unlock for LG T-mobile / Metro PCS models using Z3X server credits
APPLE EFI - ISP adapter for HD Box
Octoplus update. Added support for LG X Venture LTE, LG X POWER 2, LG K4
Smart Clip 2. Big unlock calculator update for Alcatel
Power adapter and other accessories for XTC 2 CLIP
Z3x Server Credits for new Qualcomm Samsung phones
Smart Clip 2 update. Added unlock for ZTE Z820 OBSIDIAN with T-mobile Device Unlock app.
Smart Clip 2 update. Added Alcatel Go Flip 2 Fierce 4, Fierce XL, U5, A3, etc
Riff box 2 supports new models for Boot repair HTC One M8 SU / ULSA (AT&T), One M8w, Desire 820n, Desire Eye 4G M910n

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