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DC-unlocker software activation for Infinity box / Infinity dongle. Full and lite activations are available. New unlock product in stock

Price: US$76.90
Shipping: Free delivery by email

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Price US$73.90 US$69.80

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Description - DC-unlocker activation

DC-unlocker software activation for Infinity box / Infinity dongle allows to use DC-unlocker features on your Infinity product

The difference between DC-unlocker full and lite is that Full activation comes with 50 DC unlocker credits included.

DC-unlocker supported features

  • FRP removal for
    • Xiaomi
    • Huawei
  • Network unlock, Read unlock codes
  • IMEI change
  • Read, Write Dashboard
  • Reset wrong code counter
  • Voice function enable
  • Edit band list

Supported Phones

Netgear, Sierra Wireless modems, hotspots, routers
Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI, Edit band list
Sierra Aircard AC501, Sierra Aircard 312U, Sierra Aircard 313U, Sierra Aircard 319U, Sierra Aircard 320U, Sierra Aircard 330U, Sierra AirCard 340U, Sierra AirCard 753S Mobile Hotspot, Sierra Aircard 888 Compass, Sierra Aircard 889 Compass, Sierra Aircard AC503, Sierra Aircard AC754S, Sierra AirCard AC760S, Sierra AirCard AC763S, Sierra AirCard AC771S, Sierra Aircard AC850, Sierra Aircard AC860, Sierra Aircard AC875, Sierra Aircard AC875u, Sierra Aircard AC880, Sierra Aircard AC880e, Sierra Aircard AC880u, Sierra Aircard AC881, Sierra Aircard AC881e, Sierra Aircard AC881u, Sierra Aircard AC885 Compass, Sierra AirCard AC890, Sierra Aircard MC8700, Sierra AirCard MC8705, Sierra Aircard MC8755 / 8755V, Sierra Aircard MC8765, Sierra Aircard MC8775 / 8775V, Sierra Aircard MC8780, Sierra Aircard MC8781, Sierra Aircard MC8785/MC8785V, Sierra Aircard MC8790, Sierra Aircard MC8801, Sierra Aircard USB 301, USB 302, Sierra AirCard USB 305 Lightning Connect, Sierra USB 306, USB 307 21Mbit, Sierra USB 308, Sierra USB 309, Sierra Wireless AirCard 770S, Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7700, Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC8301V, Sierra Wireless MC7700
ZTE modem, hotspots, routers
Repair IMEI, FRP remove
MOMO Design MD-@ Mini, MOMO Design MD-@ PLUS, T-Mobile 4G HotSpot Z64, T-MOBILE 4G MOBILE HOTSPOT, T-MOBILE SPEEDPORT HSPA, ZTE 890L, ZTE 891L, ZTE AC30, ZTE AIKO 82D, ZTE D6601, ZTE D6602, ZTE Falcon Z917, ZTE GL09P, ZTE Megafon M100-3, ZTE MF100, ZTE MF100 Beeline, ZTE MF100 Kyivstar/MTS, ZTE MF100 Smartbro, ZTE MF100 Viettel, ZTE MF102, ZTE MF110, ZTE MF110 Viettel, ZTE MF112, ZTE MF150, ZTE MF170, ZTE MF170 Beeline Russia, ZTE MF170 djuice (Kyivstar), ZTE MF180, ZTE MF180 Beeline, ZTE MF180 SmartBro Philippines, ZTE MF186, ZTE MF190 / MF190, ZTE MF190 Telma Madagascar, ZTE MF190B, ZTE MF190J, ZTE MF192, ZTE MF192+, ZTE MF193, ZTE MF195/MF195E, ZTE MF197, ZTE MF200, ZTE MF210, ZTE MF23, ZTE MF253, ZTE MF260, ZTE MF271 Rocket Hub, ZTE MF28B, ZTE MF28D, ZTE MF28G, ZTE MF29, ZTE MF30, ZTE MF332, ZTE MF3680, ZTE MF50, ZTE MF51, ZTE MF591, ZTE MF60, ZTE MF61, ZTE MF612, ZTE MF616, ZTE MF62, ZTE MF620, ZTE MF622, ZTE MF622+, ZTE MF626, ZTE MF626i, ZTE MF627, ZTE MF627 Philippines SmartBro, ZTE MF628/628+, ZTE MF63, ZTE MF631, ZTE MF632, ZTE MF633, ZTE MF633+, ZTE MF635, ZTE MF636, ZTE MF637, ZTE MF637U, ZTE MF639, ZTE MF64, ZTE MF645, ZTE MF65, ZTE MF652, ZTE MF656, ZTE MF658, ZTE MF660 / MF660B, ZTE MF662, ZTE MF665C / MF665E / MF665K, ZTE MF667, ZTE MF668 / MF668A (21 Mbit), ZTE MF669, ZTE MF68 3G Security Camera, ZTE MF681, ZTE MF682, ZTE MF683, ZTE MF691, ZTE MF70, ZTE MF700, ZTE MF752, ZTE MF79, ZTE MF80, ZTE MF820D, ZTE MF821, ZTE MF823, ZTE MF825a, ZTE MF825a Indonesia BOLT, ZTE MF827, ZTE MF833V, ZTE MF861 AT&T Velocity USB Stick, ZTE MF880, ZTE MF90, ZTE MF90 Bolt, ZTE MF91, ZTE MF920, ZTE MF923, ZTE MF93, ZTE MF96U, ZTE MF970, ZTE MF975, ZTE MF98, ZTE MTC 830FT, ZTE MTC 831FT, ZTE PHS300, ZTE Pocket WiFi 303ZT, ZTE Pocket WiFi 305ZT, ZTE SFR 232, ZTE SoftBank 102Z, ZTE Softbank 203z, ZTE Vodafone K3520-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3565-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3570-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3571-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3765-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3770-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3772-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3805-Z, ZTE Vodafone K3806-Z, ZTE Vodafone K4201-Z, ZTE Vodafone K4505-Z, ZTE Vodafone K4510-Z, ZTE Vodafone K5006-Z, ZTE Vodafone K5008-Z, ZTE Vodafone R203-Z, ZTE Vodafone R206-Z, ZTE Vodafone R212-Z, ZTE WD670 Airtel, ZTE WEBPOCKET 21.6, ZTE ZM8620, ZTE ZM8630
ZTE phones
Direct Unlock
Orange SanFransisco (beta), Orange Tactile Messaging, Softbank ZTE 003z, Telstra Smart Touch T3020 (beta), TMN BlueBelt I (beta), TMN BlueBelt II (beta), TMN SilverBelt (beta), TMN Soft Stone (beta), ZTE Beeline C100, ZTE BLADE (beta), ZTE F100, ZTE F101, ZTE F102/F102i, ZTE F107, ZTE F116, ZTE F160, ZTE F555, ZTE F600, ZTE F821, ZTE F870, ZTE F930, ZTE F950, ZTE F951/F951e, ZTE F952, ZTE G-S202, ZTE G-X930, ZTE GR230, ZTE Jack 3G, ZTE Link (beta), ZTE Mercury (beta), ZTE MF8402, ZTE N261, ZTE N61 (beta), ZTE Orange RIO II, ZTE RACER (beta), ZTE Raise (beta), ZTE S203, ZTE S2x SkypePhone, ZTE Sage, ZTE SFR 114, ZTE SFR 231, ZTE SFR 241, ZTE SFR 251 MSN, ZTE SFR 261 MSN, ZTE SFR 342, ZTE SFR 343, ZTE T100, ZTE T106, ZTE T108, ZTE T116, ZTE T126, ZTE T203, ZTE T303, ZTE T50, ZTE T54, ZTE T870, ZTE T930, ZTE T95, ZTE T96, ZTE TMN U122, ZTE Vodafone 547, ZTE Vodafone Indie, ZTE WP750, ZTE WP750V, ZTE X760 Orange Vegas, ZTE X760 T-Mobile Vairy Touch, ZTE X761, ZTE X850 (beta), ZTE X990, ZTE X991 Orange Rio, ZTE Xiang (beta), ZTE Z221, ZTE Z222, ZTE Z331, ZTE Z431, ZTE Z432, ZTE Z433, ZTE-G N281 Orange Miami, ZTE-U F953/Mimosa
Pantech wifi routers, modems
Direct unlock, Repair IMEI, Reset wrong code counter
UMW190, UML290VW
Huawei phones
Direct unlock, Repair security data
Holly 2 plus, Ascend G300 / G300C, Ascend B199, Ascend D2, Ascend G301, Ascend G312, Ascend G330/G330D, Ascend G510, Ascend G525, Ascend G526, Ascend G527, Ascend G6, Ascend G6 4G, Ascend G600/G600D, Ascend G615, Ascend G620S, Ascend G621, Ascend G630, Ascend G7, Ascend G7 Plus, Ascend G730-L072 / G730-C00, Ascend G740, Ascend G8, Ascend G9, Ascend GX1, Ascend MATE 7, Ascend MATE 8, Ascend Mate2 4G, Ascend P2, Ascend W1, Ascend W2, Ascend XT, Ascend Y100, Ascend Y101, Ascend Y200, Ascend Y201, Ascend Y210, Ascend Y215, Ascend Y300 / Y300C, Ascend Y336-A1, Ascend Y340, Ascend Y511, Ascend Y530, Ascend Y536, Ascend Y540, Ascend Y550, Ascend Y6 Pro, Ascend y635, Boulder, Bucare, Buddy, C199 / C199s, C8150, C8500 CDMA (beta), C8511 CDMA (beta), C8810, C8812 / C8812D / C8812E, C8813 / C8813D / C8813Q, C8814, C8815, C8816 / C8816D, C8817D, C8817E / C8817L, C8818, C8860v, D51 Discovery, Diego, ECO, Emobile GL07s, Emobile H12HW, Enjoy 7, Enjoy 7S, Enjoy 8 Plus/Y9 2018/P20 Lite, ETS1160, ETS3160 WIP, ETS6630, F111, F316, F317, F361, F362, F610, F685, FC612E, FP615H, Fusion 2, G Play Mini, G Power, G10/G10 Plus, G3621, G3621L, G3622, G535, G5520, G5521, G610 / G610-C00, G716, G730 (MTK CPU), G735 G Play, G760, G9 Lite, G9 Plus, Gaga, Glory / G6-C00, GR3, GR3 2017, GR5, GT3, H871G, Honor 3C, Honor 3X, Honor 4A, Honor 4C, Honor 4C Pro, Honor 4X, Honor 4X Play, Honor 5A, Honor 5C, Honor 5X, Honor 6, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 6C, Honor 6x, Honor 7, Honor 7 Lite, Honor 7i, Honor 8, Honor 8 Lite 2017, Honor 8 Youth Edition, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 9i, Honor Changwan 7A, Honor Cherry, Honor CherryMini, Honor CherryPlus, Honor Magic, Honor Note 8, Honor Play 4, Honor Play NOTE, Honor V8, Honor V9, I'Ultym 5, Ideos Chat, Ideos X1, Ivy/Selina, Kestrel EE, LONDON / Honor Changwan 7C, London / Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 / Nova 2 Lite / Enjoy 8, Maimang 5, Maimang 6, Mate 10, MATE 10 Lite, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 9, Mate 9 Lite, Mate 9 Pro, MATE S, MediaPad 7 Youth2, MediaPad M2, MediaPad M2 7.0, MediaPad M2 8.0 Pro, MediaPad M3, MediaPad M3 Lite 10, MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0, MediaPad M5, MediaPad M5 Pro/Cameron, MediaPad T1(8.0), MediaPad X2, MetroPCS M835, Monet, MTS 736, MTS NEO, MTS VIVA, NATASHA, Neo3100, Net10, Nova, Nova 3e, Nova lite+, Nova Plus, Nova Smart, P Smart, P1 LTE, P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus, P6S, P7, P8, P8 lite, P8 lite smart, P8 max, P9, P9 Lite, P9 lite mini, Phoenix, Plusfon 603i, S7-10x Mediapad, S7-20x Slim, Sensa 4G LTE, SnapTo, Straight Talk, Stream S 302HW, T-Mobile myTouch, T-Mobile Prism II, T2 7.0, T7200, TMN U125, Trinity, U1000/U1000s, U120, U120e, 401i, U121, U1220s, U1250, U1251, U1270, U1280/ U1285, U1310, U2800, U2801, U3100, U3200 U3200-9 U3209, U3205, U3900, U5110, U5700/ U5707, U5900/ U5900s, U6150, U7300, U7310, U7510/U7510s/U7517/U7519, U7520, U8100 / U8100-5 / U8105 / U8107, U8109/U8110 T-Mobile Pulse mini Android, U8150 IDEOS (T-Mobile comet), U8160/ Vodafone 858 Smart, U8180 / X1, U8185, U8186, U8220, U8230, U8300, U8500, U8510 IDEOS X3, U8530 / Orange Barcelona, U8600, U8650/U8651, U8652, U8655, U8665, U8666, U8680, U8685D, U8686, U8687, U8730, U8800/U8800 Pro/Ideos X5, U8815, U8816, U8825/8825D, U8860 Honor, U8950/U8950D, U8951D, U9105, U9120, U9202L, U9700L, UM840, Unite, Valiant, Y301-A1 Valiant, Y301-A2 Vitria, Y330-01, Y3II, Y560, Y5II, Y6, Y6 Elite, Y6 Pro 2017, Y6II, Y6II compact, Y7 2017, Z100, Optimus Stockholm, Orange Daytona, Orange Malibu, Orange Stockholm, Orange Tactile Internet, SFR STARSHINE, SoftBank Huawei 204HW, Vodafone 715, Vodafone 716, Vodafone 720, Vodafone 725, Vodafone 735, Vodafone 736, Vodafone 810, Vodafone 840 3G Touth, Vodafone 845 Android, Vodafone NEO 3000, Vodafone V830
Direct unlock
Toshiba G450
Direct unlock
Globetrotter 3G Fusion, Globetrotter 3G Fusion Quad Lite, Globetrotter 3G Fusion+ EMEA, Globetrotter 3G+ HSDPA, Globetrotter EDGE, Globetrotter EDGE COMBO, Globetrotter Express 7.2, Globetrotter Express HSUPA (GE0301), Globetrotter Express ULTRA (GE0302), Globetrotter Globesurfer ICON, Globetrotter Globesurfer ICON 7.2, Globetrotter GPRS (first generation), Globetrotter GT MAX 3.6, Globetrotter GT MAX 7.2, Globetrotter GT MAX HSUPA (GX0301), Globetrotter GT ULTRA (GX0302), Globetrotter GTM351E module, Globetrotter GTM378 module, Globetrotter GTM380 module, Globetrotter GTM382 module MO40x, Globetrotter HSDPA 7.2 (GT0201,GT0202), Globetrotter ICON 225, iCON 210 (GI0201), ICON 322 (GI0322), iCON 401 (GI0401), iCON 431 (GI0431, T-Mobile 530), iCON 451 (GI0451), iCON 452, iCON 461 (GI0461)
Merlin U530, Merlin U630, Merlin U730, Merlin U740, Merlin X950D ExpressCard, Merlin XU870 (Express card), MiFi 2, MiFi 4620L, MiFi2352/MiFi2372, MiFi3352, MiFi5792, Ovation MC545, Ovation MC547, Ovation MC679, Ovation MC998D 21 Mbit, MC930D, MC950D, MC990D
Nokia modems
Nokia Internet Stick CS-15, Nokia Internet Stick CS-17
Huawei modems, wifi routers, hotspots
Direct unlock
Huawei 303HW / GL10P, B115, B153, B183, B200, B220, B260, B310, B315s-936 Globe Philippines, B560 3G router, B593, B660, B681, B683, B686, B932, B933, E1152, E122, E150, E150 (beeline), E153, E153 Airtel Kenya, E153 Dialog Sri Lanka, E153 Globe, E153 India IDEA, E153 Mobinil, E153 MTN Sudan, E153 MTS Uzbekistan, E153 Philippines SmartBro, E153 Qcell Gambia, E153 SUN, E153 Telcel Mexico, E153 Tigo Tanzania, E153Eu-1, E153u1 Egypt Etisalat, E1550, E1550 India IDEA, E1550 Kyivstar, E1550 Meditel, E1550 MTS (MTC), E1550 Viettel, E1552, E1553, E1556, E1556 Mexico Telcom, E156 / E156B / E156C / E156G, E156B Telcel Mexico, E157, E158, E160 / E160G / E160X, E160 Beeline Russia, E161, E1612, E1630, E166 / E166G, E169 / E169G, E170, E171, E171 Beeline, E171 MTS Russia, E172, E173, E173 Airtel Nigeria, E173 Airtel Uganda, E173 Beeline Uzbekistan, E173 Dialog Sri Lanka, E173 Idea India, E173 Megafon Russia, E173 Metfone Combodia, E173 Mobiphone, E173 MTS Uzbekistan, E173 Safaricom, E173 SmartBro Philippines, E173 Sudan MTN, E173 Tanzania Airtel, E173 Tigo Tanzania, E173 Unitel Laos, E173 Vietnamobile, E1731, E1732, E1732 India IDEA, E173Bu-1/E1731 India Airtel, E173Eu-1, E173Eu-1 Movitel Mozambique, E1750, E1750 Safaricom, E1750 Viettel, E1750c Aircel India, E1752, E1756, E176, E1762, E177, E177 Sudan Zain, E1780, E1786, E180, E181, E1820, E182E, E1831, E188, E188 Optus Australia, E192, E2010 football, E219, E220, E226, E226 Telcel, E230, E261, E270, E271, E272, E303 Sudani Sudan, E303/E303 Hilink, E303H-1h Tigo, E3121, E3131, E3231 HiLink, E3236, E3251 Hilink, E3256 HiLink, E3272, E3272 Airtel, E3276, E3276 Airtel, E3331s, E3351, E3370, E3372, E3372h, E352, E353/E353 Hilink, E3531, E3533, E355, E357, E359, E366, E367, E368, E372, E392, E397, E398, E510 TV, E5151s, E5170, E5172, E5220, E5221, E5251, E5330, E5331, E5332, E5336, E5338, E5356, E5372, E5372 Bolt, E5372 Fastlink, E5372 Mobily, E5372 STC, E5372 Zain, E5373, E5375, E5377, E5575, E5577, E5578, E560, E5756, E5770, E5771, E5776s, E5787, E5830/E583x/E5836/E5837 and others, E585, E585U-82, E586, E587, E5878, E5885, E589, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E800, E8278, E8372h, E8377, E870, E880, E881e, E960 / E968, E970/B970 router, EC122, EC1260, EC156, EC167, EC168, EC169, EC226, EC367, EC5377, EG162 / E162G, EG602 / EG602G, EM770 Module, EM775, EM820u, EM920, EM930, Emobile AP02HW, Emobile D01HW, Emobile D02HW, Emobile D03HW, Emobile D12HW, Emobile D21HW, Emobile D22HW, Emobile D23HW, Emobile D24HW, Emobile D26HW, Emobile D31HW, Emobile D32HW, HiMini E369, HW-01C, HW-01C, HW-01F, ME906J, Megafon M100-4, Megafon M21-1, MegaFon M21-4, MomoDesign MD-@ HSUPA, MTS 320D, MTS 320S, MTS 321S, MTS 420D, MTS 420S, MTS 424D, MTS 823F, MU609, Nova 2i, Pocket WiFi 301HW, Pocket WiFi 401HW, SoftBank 005HW, SoftBank 203HW, SoftBank AP 01HW, Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01, Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W02, Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W03_UQ, Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W04_UQ, Speedport HSPA, T353, UMG1691, UMG181, UMG1831, UMG366 (T-Mobile JetTM 2.0), UML397, Vodafone E3735, Vodafone K2540, Vodafone K3520, Vodafone K3565, Vodafone K3715, Vodafone K3765, Vodafone K3765 Vodafone Egypt, Vodafone K3770, Vodafone K3771, Vodafone K3772, Vodafone K3773, Vodafone K3806, Vodafone K4201, Vodafone K4203, Vodafone K4505, Vodafone K4510, Vodafone K4511, Vodafone K4605, Vodafone K5005, Vodafone K5150, Vodafone R201, Vodafone R205, Vodafone R206, Vodafone R207, Vodafone R208, Vodafone R210, Vodafone R215, Vodafone R216, Wi-Fi STATION HW-01H, Wi-Fi STATION HW-02G, MegaFon M150-2, SoftBank 102HW, T-Mobile Sonic Wifi Hotspot

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