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New products in stock: iBus flash cable for iWatch S1 flash and repair; Android boot combo cable

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Printer Friendly News Home  Printer Friendly Next Topic

We are glad to introduce the latest additions to our products:

  • Android Boot Combo Cable for Chinese mobiles

    Android Boot Combo Cable for Chinese mobiles lets you perform a series of servicing procedures with compatible mobile phones using Volcano Box, Miracle box, Infinity box dongle and other service boxes for Chinese mobile phones.

  • iBus adapter flash cable for Apple iWatch S1 for repair and restoration

    This USB 2.0 iBus adapter connects your iWatch S1 (38mm & 42mm) with Lightning usb cable to your computerís USB port for flashing, restore and repair software, downgrade and upgrade firmware. It also can fix related issues once iWatch glass digitizer touch gets replaced. E.g. if your Apple Watch displays a red exclamation mark after software update, that can be easily solved by iBus, no need to contact Apple Support for service.
    iBus adapter cable can be used with Mac OS iTunes or MFC Dongle software

    [info] Starting ...
    [info] Using LOCAL IPSW C:\MFC\iDeviceTools\watch1,1_2.1_13s661_restore.ip sw
    [info] using cached version data
    [info] Found device in Normal mode
    [info] Database recognized as:
    Generation: Apple Watch
    'A' Number A1553
    Variant Watch1,1
    FCC ID BCG?E2870
    Internal Name 27aAP
    Identifier Watch1,1
    Color Silver
    Size 38 mm
    Model MJ2T2
    [data] ModelNumber:MJ2T2
    [info] Extracting BuildManifest from IPSW
    [data] Product Version: 2.1
    [data] Product Build: 13S661 Major: 13
    [data] Device supports Image4: true
    [info] Variant: Customer Upgrade Install (IPSW)
    [info] This restore will update your device without losing data.
    [info] Found ECID 3797257798132
    [info] Getting ApNonce in normal mode...
    [data] E6733DF56B5813A60A1658B35B1599B7A548F27E
    [info] tts>Trying to fetch new SHSH blob
    [info] Getting SepNonce in normal mode...
    [erro] Unable to get SEPNonce from lockdownd
    [info] failed
    [warn] Unable to find BbChipID node
    [note] Unable to find BbProvisioningManifestKeyHash node
    [note] Unable to find BbActivationManifestKeyHash node
    [info] NOTE: Unable to find BbCalibrationManifestKeyHash node
    [note] Unable to find BbFactoryActivationManifestKeyHash node
    [note] Unable to find BbFDRSecurityKeyHash node
    [warn] Unable to find BbSkeyId node
    [info] Sending TSS request...
    [erro] Unable to find required ApSepNonce in parameters
    [info] Request URL set to
    [info] Sending TSS request attempt 1...
    [info] response successfully received
    [info] tts>Received SHSH blobs
    [info] Using cached filesystem from 'iDeviceTools/watch1,1_2.1_13s661_restore
    [info] Entering recovery mode...
    [info] Apple device disconnected!
    [data] UniqueChipID:506708468
    [data] ModelNumber:Apple Watch
    [data] ProductType:Watch1,1
    [info] device serial number is FH7PWNxxxxxxx
    [warn] No path for component iBEC in TSS, will fetch from build_identity
    [info] Extracting iBEC.n27a.RELEASE.im4p...
    [info] Sending iBEC (602407 bytes)...
    [data] ModelNumber:MJ2T2
    [info] Recovery Mode Environment:
    [info] iBoot build-version=iBoot-2817.20.25
    [info] iBoot build-style=RELEASE
    [info] Sending AppleLogo...
    [warn] No path for component AppleLogo in TSS, will fetch from build_identity
    [info] Extracting applelogo@115~watch.s7002.im4p...
    [info] Sending AppleLogo (6565 bytes)...
    [warn] No path for component RestoreRamDisk in TSS, will fetch from build_identity
    [info] Extracting 058-26519-063.dmg...
    [info] Sending RestoreRamDisk (24154331 bytes)...
    [warn] No path for component RestoreDeviceTree in TSS, will fetch from build_identity
    [info] Extracting DeviceTree.n27aap.im4p...
    [info] Sending RestoreDeviceTree (77188 bytes)...
    [warn] No path for component RestoreKernelCache in TSS, will fetch from build_identity
    [info] Extracting kernelcache.release.n27a...
    [info] Sending RestoreKernelCache (8866162 bytes)...
    [info] Restoring device...
    [info] Waiting for device...
    [info] Apple device arrival ... searching USBMux for device after 100ms
    [info] Device is now connected in restore mode...
    [info] Connecting now...
    [info] Connected to, version 13
    [info] Device a71459c2a943535665af51b4c2a7139e2ee51c36 has successfully entered restore mode
    [info] Hardware Information:
    [info] BoardID: 2
    [info] ChipID: 28674
    [info] UniqueChipID: 3797257798132
    [info] ProductionMode: true
    [info] Starting FDR listener thread
    [info] Connecting to FDR client at port 1082
    [warn] About to do ctrl handshake
    [done] Ctrl handshake done (ConnPort = 49156)
    [info] Sending RootTicket...
    [done] sending RootTicket
    [info] Waiting for NAND (28)
    [warn] FDR 09F8D7C0 got sync message
    [info] Connecting to FDR client at port 49156
    [warn] FDR 0A4529E8 got plist message
    [info] Unmounting filesystems (29)
    [info] Mounting filesystems (16)
    [info] Updating IR MCU firmware (51)
    [info] Unmounting filesystems (29)
    [info] Sending filesystem...
    [info] Connected to ASR
    [info] Validating the filesystem
    [info] Filesystem validated
    [done] sending filesystem
    [info] Verifying restore (14)
    [info] Mounting filesystems (16)
    [info] Sending KernelCache...
    [info] Extracting kernelcache.release.n27a...
    [done] sending KernelCache
    [info] Installing kernelcache (27)
    [info] Sending NORData...
    [info] Found firmware path Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n27aap.production
    [info] Getting firmware manifest Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n27aap.production/manifest
    [info] Extracting LLB.n27a.RELEASE.im4p...
    [info] Extracting iBoot.n27a.RELEASE.im4p...
    [info] Extracting DeviceTree.n27aap.im4p...
    [info] Extracting applelogo@115~watch.s7002.im4p...
    [info] Extracting recoverymode@115~watch.s7002.im4p...
    [info] Extracting dali-ui.n27a.release.im4p...
    [done] sending NORData
    [info] Flashing firmware (18)
    [info] Clearing NVRAM (46)
    [info] Fixing up /var (17)
    [info] Modifying persistent boot-args (25)
    [info] Updating IR MCU firmware (51)
    [info] Unmounting filesystems (29)
    [info] Restore Finished
    [info] Cleaning up...
    [done] Done

Cellcorner is the official distributor of iBus for iWatch S1.
Click on the link to buy iBus for iWatch S1 repair software, upgrade firmware .

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